Pass Trinity - Grades 5-6 and ISE I (New Edition)


Laura Clyde, Ray Parker

New Pass Trinity 5-6 & ISE I is a comprehensive B1-level course book and includes a wealth of preparation material for the popular ISE I exam. It is suitable for 14 year-olds and above.


• 8 topic-based units
• Initial Diagnostic Test
• Exam Expert with useful exam advice and practice exercises
• Portfolio tasks from past exams to help prepare for the written Portfolio
• Extended Writing File with detailed information and practice in the different writing styles
• Sample Topic Form and Portfolio Feedback Form
• Teacher’s Book with guidance on how to approach different task types with students


978-88-530-1104-6 Student’s Book, pp. 96 + audio CD
978-88-530-1105-3 Teachers Book, pp. 48

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